lorence Florens is an international (English, French, Australian) Actress, Director, Filmmaker and NIDA teaching artist based in Sydney.

Florence was raised in Southern France where she first took Acting classes in a Marseillais local theatre. She trained professionally at the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television (AFTT) in Sydney and at the Actors Centre London.

She has credits in UK and Australian classic and modern plays such as AM?I (nominated for the Amnesty Award in Edinburgh), appeared on ABC in several productions (The Tuesday Book Club with Jennyfer Byrns, The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting) and TVCs ( National Geographic, BenQ), and was involved in feature and short films (Chasing Comets, The Prelude: 10,000 Miles From ParisLotus Friends, etc).

Through her upbringing, life experience and numerous journeys, she developped open-mindedness, persistence, flexibility and a unique vision of cultures and people - They be Australian, French, British or American. 

Florence is passionate about creativity, tribal cultures, environmentalism, and loves to think out of the box. She also likes to challenge gender inequality and the lack of diversity through her work.


Florence Kermet, french actress sydney

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